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Things may not be going your way. Make today your “call it” day. I’m calling mine victory, prosperity, healing day! What’s yours? Name it. Claim it!

Hey you. Who Me? Yea you. It’s finished. It’s done! Quit worrying. I’ve already handled it.


Put yourself in a position today and declare the favor of God, “Every blessing you have for me I want it all. I will persevere. No matter what. I won’t give up!”

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Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Joy T Darden and I am a lover of God and people. I am what most would not call a professional motivational coach, counselor, or consultant but I am merely a vessel being used by God to inspire, instruct, and influence others to be the best YOU you can be. Simply based on what I've learned through my life experiences and my life-long journey with God.

Coming Soon!

"Unspoken Testimony Memoir: Secrets of a Southern Girl" is a powerful, interesting account of Joy T. Darden’s journey when faced with infidelity, insecurity, and loss of identity. This memoir identifies many issues she believes women face whether married or single but are afraid to talk about out of fear of shame, condemnation, or humiliation. The story captures the essence of struggles encountered in the face of adversity as she puts an unconventional spin on fears and how to confront and overcome obstacles with the help of God.

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