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The same God that did it before will do it again. Don’t worry. Whatever you’re going through, God will fix it. The blood still works. You’re covered. God is the God of impossible.

God is in the blessing business everyday. Today is valley turnaround day. God gone turn valleys of defeat, lack, sickness into victory, healing, more than enough. No matter what valley you’re in God will bless you in the middle of it. Go get your blessing with your name on it!

Declare and decree:

“God promised me a seed. It shall be blessed. I want everything God promised me. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will it be put into my lap. It’s seed time. I want it all. Abundance, prosperity, increase, favor, health. Whatever my hands touch, God will command the blessing upon it. I declare and decree, I am victorious!”

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Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Joy T Darden and I am a lover of God and people. I am what most would not call a professional motivational coach, counselor, or consultant but I am merely a vessel being used by God to inspire, instruct, and influence others to be the best YOU you can be. Simply based on what I've learned through my life experiences and my life-long journey with God.

It's countdown time!

In just a few weeks, the story of tragedy to triumph, defeat to victory, setback to breakthrough, everyone has been waiting on, Unspoken Testimony Memoir: Secrets of a Southern Girl is coming to an outlet for sale! Check back soon for pre-order availablity.

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Be a better version of yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. Show your battle scars. Tell your story of healing. Move from tragedy to triumph!

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