About Joy T. Darden

I am an Inspirationalist, Inspirational Writer, Author of Unspoken Testimony Memoir: Secrets of a Southern Girl, blogger at joythomasdarden.org and joaynn510.wordpress.com, pain advocate, and entrepreneur. Founder and Designer of Jonnay Designs LLC, JTD Inspirational Collections, and owner/operator of jonnaydesigns.com ecommerce online store.

I am the 2nd oldest twin to my sister JoAnn, and 2nd oldest sister to my brother Rudolph and younger sister Debra. I have three wonderful children Terence, Tia, and Kevia and two awesome grandsons Jeremiah and Michai.

I am a survivor of change at no fault of my own after becoming ill 14 years ago and declared disabled 12 years ago. I became what most call “a victim of circumstance” as the result of an unexpected event in my life. After years of suffering, I found myself wondering what was I to do with my life.

My experiences began to shed light reminding me that my life did not have to end there. It told me that none of this was about me but about God using me to fulfill his purpose. It showed me God had a plan to prosper and not harm me; to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). The experiences were all for a reason. It gave me purpose and new passions. It helped shape me into the person I am today.

Since being declared disabled and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nine years ago, amongst other conditions I suffer with, I am an advocate for those who suffer with this debilitating disease. So if you see many posts on the subject, it is my way of showing support of this cause. I am one voice and my desire is to share knowledge so that others can make an informed decision regarding treatment and care that they may have a greater quality of life.

With the help of God, I’ve managed to overcome the impossible. I’m a survivor. I’m still standing. I am a victor and not a victim of my circumstances! I self-published my first book March 9, 2018. There are unique multicultural heritage designs and inspirational quotes I created that are now part of uniquely designed products offered at my online store www.jonnaydesigns.com.

Whew! There’s still stuff to do. I have many hopes and dreams. God is not through with me yet. Everything I am believing God for will manifest one day, just as he promised. My greatest desire is to travel the world to share my story with others in spite of the fact my body isn’t equipped. God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called. Praise God!

God has given me strength to do the impossible in spite of adversity. It is where I finally found my purpose; to inspire others. As such, this website and blog was created as a way to share inspirational poems, quotes, and sayings that are random, off the top of my head along with thought-provoking messages I live and breathe daily in thought but sometimes find difficult to put on paper or keep to myself. It is a way to express myself and at the same time share my thoughts with others. At times, sharing my love of God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the world. In short, it is my way of inspiring others.

Welcome! Take a seat. You are now traveling along with me on my journey!