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PEEP THIS… You are too anointed, too blessed, and too loved to be disappointed, stressed, and moved by foolishness. Quicken your spirit. Posture yourself. The blesser of blessings blessed you to be a blessing. Rise up! Show them what you’re working with. You’re made for this!


The same people who walked over you when you were DOWN will be the same people running behind you when you make it to the top. When God ELEVATE you they won’t be able to keep up.


Don’t live to just Survive the world but Thrive and Change the world!

I threw the keys to my past at the locked door and tried to give up. God threw the keys to my future back at me and said, “Don’t you dare do it!”

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Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Joy T Darden and I am a lover of God and people. I am what most would not call a professional motivational coach, counselor, or consultant but I am merely a vessel being used by God to inspire, instruct, and influence others to be the best YOU you can be. Simply based on what I've learned through my life experiences and my life-long journey with God.

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